I lived in the East Village, Stuyvesant Town to be more specific, during the biggest storm in recent New York history - Hurricane Sandy.  For five days I lived without power, water, cell service or wifi.  For New Yorkers, that was like completely turning our world upside-down.  I actually captured the moment the power exploded in this musical documentary.  You see the flash and then darkness.  It was a bizarre experience.  And in spite of all the devastation and loss that happened around the city (by no means do I take that lightly), there was something to be learned from in the experience.  That is told in this song.  For once, those of us living South of Power (below 42nd St. in Manhattan) stepped away from our nonstop ambitions and furious pace to walk a little slower and exist outside of our super connected worlds.  There was no one to call, nowhere to be.  There was no destination.